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Gift Card Sumitomo Hard Hat Sticker Sumitomo Ballpoint Pen
Give the gift of a gift card with any value you desire!
Sumitomo Oval Hard hat Sticker
Sumitomo Ball Point Pen
Blue & Black option
Papermate InkJoy Black pen Golf Tee Two Pocket Folder
Papermate, InkJoy, Black, Pen Sumitomo Drive Technologies Golf Tee - 5 in one pack
Luftex Water Bottle Sticky Notebook Sumitomo Lanyard
Black Luftex Squeeze water bottle.
Has Luftex logo on one side with Sumitomo on the other.
Sumitomo Sticky Notebook with blue, green, yellow, orange and purple tabs.
Sumitomo Lanyard
Sumitomo Flashlight with Keyring Luftex Flashlight with Keyring Pocket Screwdriver
Blue LED Sumitomo flashlight with key ring. Black LED Luftex flashlight with key ring. Pocket Screwdriver
Sumitomo Water Bottles Sumitomo Cutlery Set Sumitomo Multitool Pen
Sumitomo Water Bottles
Perfect for tradeshows.
Sumitomo cutlery Set
comes with fork, spoon, chopsticks.
Made of metal, with all sturdy parts that will not easily loosen or break. The tech tool pen comes with
6 very handy functions, a stylus with refill, levelgauge, ruler, slot and cross screwdriver, touch screen
stylus write smoothly. Compact tool for easy use. Handy for minor fixes or light projects. Same size a
pen so put this in your pocket or purse and you will have it when you need it.
Sumitomo dual pocket screwdriver Power Institute Class Lanyard 6" Steel Ruler
Sumitomo Pocket dual sided screwdriver Power Institute Class Lanyard 6" Steel Ruler with conversion table on the back.